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•    Pregnancy Announcements
•    Birth Announcements
•    New Baby Cards
•    Grandparent Zone
•    Holiday Cards
•    Ethnic Cards


Made of 100% recycled materials, the cards are printed on heavy card stock and have a permanence not found in today's electronic world.  Click here view/purchase all the cards on

Pregnancy Announcements

These cards are a great way to break the news to the new father or Grandparents that you're pregnant with a bit of light-hearted fun (and perhaps ease some of the panic for the new dad).  There are also cards for Grandparent bragging rights to their friends.  Afterall, your new baby is the most amazing ever.

Birth Announcements

We have announcements and congratulations cards for parents, friends, and grandparents.  The Dad's Castle line of maternity greeting cards offer a humorous twist to chronicle your cherished events (no matter how simultaneously joyous and miserable you were).  There are also cards for Grandparent bragging rights to their friends.  Afterall, your new grandbaby is the most amazing ever.

New Baby Cards

Whether you're a new or seasoned parent, these cards are perfect for marking key points along the journey of parenthood. The series highlights notable progress during the pregnancy and early life.  Better than an email, they can be enjoyed and shared to bring back fond memories after the little ones grow up or used to embarrass thm in front of their friends or future fiancées.

The Grandparent Zone

Grandparents, this is your spot to shop.  Cards for letting your friends know you have the bestest, coolest, and most amazing grandbaby ever.  The bragging wars begin!

Holiday Cards

This section is new, but a nice way to share the holiday spirit.

Ethnic Cards

Ever notice that most cards on the store shelves depict caucasions?  We did.  And we'd like to do our small part toward changing that.  So keep your eye on this area while we strive to make a difference.

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