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New Baby Cards

The Dad's Castle line of maternity greeting cards offer a humorous twist to chronicle your cherished events (even if you hated living through them). Whether you're a new or seasoned parent, they're perfect for marking key points along the journey of parenthood. The series highlights notable progress during the pregnancy and early life.  Better than an email, they can be enjoyed and shared to bring back fond memories after the little ones grow up or used to embarrass thm in front of their friends or future fiancées.


Other Themes

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•    Birth Announcements
•    New Baby Cards
•    Grandparent Zone
•    Holiday Cards
•    Ethnic Cards


Made of 100% recycled materials, the cards are printed on heavy card stock and have a permanence not found in today's electronic world.

Morning Sickness

Take the wonder out of why you're not online or your usual chatty self.  Product C-010. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

Little Genius Learning to Crawl

This card is a great way to keep family and friends informed of your child's progress; start the bragging rights early.  Product C-011. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

Sleeping Through the Night

Small victories can loom large. 

Product C-007. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

First Words

Be careful what you ask for, though this card is a great way to keep Grandparents informed of their Grandchild's progress.

Product C-008. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

Father Diaper Changing

A gentle for fatherly duties.  He doesn't know what 'tough' really is until he's changed a few loaded ones, particularly once the rascal is on solid foods (refering to the newborn rascal, not the father).

Product C-013. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

Baby Shower Thank You Card

Keep the laughter going after a baby shower (as well as expectations).  Product C-016. Click here to see/buy on Amazon


Finally, a 'new baby' card for my friends that I'm proud to that is witty and amusing as it touches on the reality of parenting. Recipients of this card will thank you.


You just can't find ingenious cards like this in the stores.  It's a terrific product for those of us who like to give lighthearted cards that bring smiles to people's faces.

M.E.L. - Nov 4, 2013 on Amazon


First Solid Food

You're never sure who the real winner is in life's first food fight.  Product C-009. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

Dear Boss

Motherhood brings new priorities to life, and the office.  Do you know how to say, Work-Life Imbalance?

Product C-006. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

First Steps Exercise Program

Your parents will be pleased to know you're honing your reflexes.  They'll also be smugly satisfied that payback is, well, you know.

Product C-012. Click here to see/buy on Amazon

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